Sight Unseen

Providing empathetic design outreach for our vital community orgs reaching the invisible and underserved.

About the initiative

In 2024 we’re committing to make a small difference where we can: Northwest Arkansas. We want to support our local partners in new ways and help them more effectively reach the people they serve.

Here's how it works:

  1. We're donating six hours of design and development service to six vital community organizations
  2. For every purchase from our new merch, we'll add three hours of design services to a chosen local partner
  3. We'll total the hours donated on February 29th before applying these contributions in March

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Meet the partners

Ozark Circle for Choice

Ozark Circle for Choice is a secular collective of Northwest Arkansas residents who champion the right to reproductive and abortion services free from judgment or stigma. The group provides support for any pregnant individual regardless of their beliefs or situation. Emphasizing mutual aid, Ozark Circle for Choice envisions a community where needs are collaboratively met without requiring justification.


Arkansas Justice Reform Coalition

AJRC is dedicated to ending mass incarceration, led by those directly impacted. They advocate for a community centered on safety, harm prevention, and incarceration alternatives. Their work involves collaborative partnerships, system agitation, and education about mass incarceration's impacts. They aim to build safer, more inclusive communities by forming strong coalitions and envision a world where incarceration is rare and individuals can thrive.


One Family Outreach

One Family Outreach was established in memory of individuals lost to opioid overdose, aiming to assist others on their path to recovery. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, One Family Outreach funds the distribution of life-saving naloxone opioid overdose reversal kits and other harm reduction services, striving to dismantle stigma and promote hope, healing, and dignity in care.


Arkansas Crisis Center

The Arkansas Crisis Center, a nonprofit organization, focuses on suicide prevention, offering immediate assistance and long-term hope to those in crisis. The center seeks to restore hope, empower individuals, and save lives through helpline services, providing confidential and anonymous intervention, counseling, and resource linkage. Its ultimate mission is to achieve zero suicides in Arkansas by 2025.


Welcome to Kessler Mountain

Kessler Mountain's fundraising initiative aims to create a new entrance for the Fayetteville Traverse Trail system. Since its establishment in 2015, the 380-acre Kessler Mountain Reserve has been protected through conservation efforts involving the Fayetteville Natural Heritage Association, the City of Fayetteville, and the Northwest Arkansas Land Trust. The conservation easement protects over 10 miles of trails for hiking and mountain biking, along with critical wildlife habitats.

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Blue Dog Farm

Blue Dog Farm, located in Wesley, Arkansas, is a tree farm and nursery dedicated to environmental sustainability. By cultivating a wide range of trees and plants, Blue Dog Farm plays a vital role in absorbing carbon dioxide, thereby addressing climate change. The farm exemplifies the positive environmental impact local businesses can have, contributing to the preservation of natural ecosystems.

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